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Intralox Security Statement on CalcLab

At Intralox, we take your privacy seriously and do not want to violate your trust. We work diligently to secure our customer’s data and protect our business. For information on how we protect privacy in general, please consult the Intralox Privacy Policy.

Below are some of the specific security measures that have been established to help protect your data in CalcLab. Intralox is a company that focuses on continuous improvement, so expect additional measures in the future.

  • Secure Access
    • Access to your CalcLab data is restricted to you as an individual and to personnel at Intralox or its affliates for technical support and to improve our products and services. We do not sell your data to any third parties.
    • Access to the CalcLab website uses the secure HTTPS protocol, ensuring the data is encrypted during transmission.
    • Only pre-approved and active customers, vendors or employees are granted access to use the service. Each person has unique credentials. It is not available for public or group use.
    • Authentication occurs via a secure, enterprise-grade identity management service hosted by a trusted authority. This ensures that no passwords are stored in the CalcLab system or managed by Intralox employees.
  • Secure Data
    • We only store limited personal information obtained through your involvement as a customer, vendor or employee for display and analytics purposes. All usage analytics are anonymized to protect your personal information.
    • Your calculation data is only stored if and when you choose to Save Calculations or Generate Reports.
    • All calculation and personal data within Calclab is stored with AES-256 encryption to ensure that it is secure when at rest. It is also backed up daily to ensure recoverability.
  • Secure Environment
    • CalcLab is a fully hosted, SaaS Platform located in Amazon Data Centers in the United States.
    • The systems that support CalcLab are scanned for vulnerabilities on at least a quarterly basis. System patches and fixes are applied on a quarterly basis, or sooner if necessary, to protect against threats.
    • The systems that support CalcLab are designed to be fault-tolerant and service can be quickly and easily restored in the event of a system outage or corruption.